Inspirational Person of the Year (the Caroline Elliott Award)

Aly Harrold

“Her training programmes move women’s businesses forward and Aly is amazing at drawing out full commitment and excitement from her students. As a speaker herself she promotes the values she holds to empower and motivate women to literally stand up and speak up.”

Ashley Birch

“A very talented, creative chef. Ashley has opened up a cafe that caters for everyone, nothing is too much trouble. Ashley turned a dream into reality and is running a fabulous cafe.”

Charlie Jacks

“Charlie is a mum of one, her daughter Lily has cerebral palsy. She has fantastic style on a shoestring budget, and is a fabulous makeup artist.”

Fred Long

“Fred is part of Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees, and I’m nominating him for his tireless and unselfish work for the community.”

Jason Dormon

“It’s the 25th anniversary of Tunbridge Wells Forum. In 25 years, Jason has put on tens of thousands of artists. He’s made Tunbridge Wells a musical destination for everyone in the South East.”

Kate Bourne & Rhiannon Harfoot

“As the joint driving force behind the Calverley Grounds playground project, they tirelessly fundraised around their young families and work commitments. They were successful and now the whole of the local community and our visitors are enjoying the fruits of their work and will do for many years to come.”

Karin Martinez

Karin who runs The Star and Eagle Hotel in Goudhurst is an extremely hard worker. Nothing is too much trouble for her, she is always there with a smile, and has a wonderful personality.”

Local Indies

“Local Indies is a business that was set up to champion local products – it’s all about finding the best products around and making sure that as many people as possible get to know about them.”

Paul Dunton

“Paul does so much for the local music scene. Without him and his unwavering commitment, there wouldn’t be the buzz around live music that there is in Tunbridge Wells.”

Polly Taylor

“She is an amazing inspiration, tireless, passionate, gets things done. She has a huge heart. And despite not being in the best of health herself, she does SO much for other people going through one of the worst time of their lives.”

Shelley Sellings

“Shelley is an inspiration to us all. Since her sister Sonia passed away to cancer, she has not only been constantly fundraising for charity but more importantly has made hundreds of women aware of ovarian cancer and what to look out for.”

Will Bayley

“Will has not only excelled in table tennis securing medals in the Paralympics, but he has overcome his own personal challenges being born with arthrogryposis. His attitude and support for highlighting the talents of other disabled people continues to be a true inspiration.”

Style Champion

Fleur McCrone

Laura Foley

Lynne Meek

Sug Sean

Susie Hasler

Foodie Favourite

Birch’s Whole Good Food

Cinnamon Square


The Pantiles Café


Best Local Blogger

Adam Brown (GoodFoodTW)

Bottle Bitches

Clare Lush-Mansell (My Tunbridge Wells)

Eat Around Tonbridge

Tonbridge Daily

Most Fun Family Day Out

Bewl Water

Calverley Adventure Grounds

Chiddingstone Castle

Dino Live at Royal Victoria Place

Hever Castle

Raise a Glass

Chapel Place Gin Bar


Grub & Liquor

Saint John’s Yard

The George

The Mount Vineyard

Feel-Good Factor

Gary Russell

Leigh Roberts

No.6 Skin Clinic

Physique Sports Massage

Serenity Therapies

TBC Skin Atelier


Adel Murphy

Alison Abel (Fit n Abel)

Carl & Lucy at Family Inspired Training

Elite Performance Labs


Best Local Product

Ableforth’s Rumbullion

Bicycle Bakery

Chapel Down

Drinks by the Dram

Hush Heath

That Boutique-y Gin Company

The Mount Vineyard

Top Cup of Coffee

65mm at TOFS

Black Dog Café

Fine Grind


The Bakehouse at 124

The Pantiles Café